Mary Henderson
Yellow TutuOctoberOhio CouplePeachValley Christian Sports LeagueVacationFancyOhioJulyOccasionGarbageFlowered DressGiftRock ShirtLapMini GolfSplitStrong BoyTennesseeTwo BoysUncleUnwrappedEggsDrinkCousinsCarouselChristmas PhotoAunt
Album (2001-2003)

The subject of these paintings is family photographs.  The work is concerned both with individual memory, and with archetypal experiences of American family.  The paintings focus on the small or peripheral pieces of information (a gesture or facial expression, the pattern of a dress) that often function as the strongest memory triggers.

I want viewers to be able to access the kinds of experiences the paintings suggest, but for those experiences to be accessed in a way that retains their personal or specific qualities. The paintings provide a view of particular moments – and consider the way in which our memories of certain periods in our lives are filtered through snapshot images – without being tied to individual characters.